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“Mabna” is an international virtual school that offers a variety of education for elementary school students – from the first to the sixth grade. These trainings are arranged and planned at three different levels and the possibility of using them is provided for all those interested in Persian language, Iranian and Islamic culture all over the world.

Features of Navid Ayandeh International Virtual School


Introducing our children to the Persian language


Learning Quranic concepts and cultural basics


Familiarity with Islamic arts

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  • No time and place restrictions

  • Increasing the responsibility of students in the field of learning

  • Appropriate and useful use of the internet platform to communicate with educated teachers

  • Availability of educational content to consolidate learning

  • Accelerating learning according to individual capabilities

  • Better and more accurate evaluation results

The goal of the virtual school

  1. Extensive and high-quality education for all Persian language enthusiasts around the world
  2. Increasing motivation to learn Persian language
  3. Creating a good sense of Farsi conversation with your peers

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